Lily: Season Start

My junior year I was on the junior varsity team with Juniors, Sophomores, and even a Freshman. It was difficult to accept that my coaches felt I was NOT good enough to be on varsity, but there were 2 other juniors besides myself. I wanted to play volleyball. I wanted to support my team. I tried out and I accepted the team I was chosen for; Junior Varsity.

The following year, there were six seniors including myself who tried out for the varsity team. The previous year, as juniors, three of my classmates made varsity, however myself and two others only made junior varsity. During tryouts two of my classmates dropped out. This left only four seniors (of which three were previous varsity members). I was very upset that two dropped out as all six of us had started together during our 7th grade year. Sure, there were two standout players, one of whom placed on varsity our freshman year. Regardless of the obvious fact that I was not a volleyball rockstar, I tried out, excepted my fate, and supported my team.

My parents repeatedly mentioned thy were proud of my work ethic and that I would support of my team. Truth be told it was not easy.

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