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For anyone paying attention to the sports industry in the United States, it is hard to not notice volleyball’s skyward trajectory. The sport is on fire.

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“ It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. ”

My daughter loved volleyball and for over five years, she played for two different teams each year; her school and her private club. However, she received drastically different playing time between school and club. She was a starter on her traveling club team, but on her school teams she could go months without getting on the court.

Was she the greatest player on her team? Was she even the greatest player in her position? NO
Was she a closer? Was she brought out in special situations? NO
Did the team win every time she played? NO

Neither her or myself as her parent expected her to start every game. We do not even expect her to play in every game.

I built this website because my daughter was THE loudest supporter of her team from the sideline. During her senior year in high school, game after game, week after week, other parents asked if she was sick or unable to play. They asked because she cheered EVERY play. She encouraged both juniors and even sophomores from the bench. She graduated high school last year and at the age of only 19 she continues her volleyball career by landing a head coaching role of an 8th grade team. She was NOT the best player nor the best athlete. However she worked on improving herself, listened to her coaches and mentors, and now has a unique set of skills to coach others only years younger than her.

This site is dedicated to those:

  • Who deserve RECOGNITION even if they are not a natural athlete.
  • Who LOVE their sport!
  • Who demonstrate STRENGTH and CHARCTER!

This site is focused on Teamwork before Talent. On Team before Self.

Coaches often talk about team work and use statements like “There is no I in Team”. As a society we talk about Team Work, but our actions promote Raw Talent. Why? It’s natural. There are some individuals who have amazing and sought-after talent. These individuals have talent many of are envious of. In a way, we hope young untapped talent will reach this level. However, what usually happens is we burn up raw talent too early.

Player Stories

Listen to players who were in the same situation you are now. How did they handle it? What did they do?

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By Sport

Hear stories by the sports you are interested in. Maybe someone in your sport has experience a similar fate as yours.

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